51. 3007-3011 30th Street

Photo by Andrena Crockett

Lethe Hill Home

Shortly after acquiring her freedom in 1807 from George Beall, Lethe Hill became one of the first freed persons to purchase land in the District of Columbia.  She purchased a plot of land 60 x 30 feet from Thomas B. Beall near the current intersection of 30th and West (P) Streets.  By 1816, the home was assessed to have a value of over $1000 in 1819. It is believed the garages n the rear of 3007-3011 P Street and currently serving as residents’ garages where the structures built by Lethe Hill.  In the Beall’s Addition, it was also the location of an “orphan asylum” possible used to housed African American orphans. More research is being conducted.