31. 1644 31st Street

Tudor Place.
Photo courtesy of Library of Congress

Hannah Cole Pope, Tudor House

According to family records, Hannah Cole Pope was born at Tudor Place in 1828, the surviving daughter of twins born to an enslaved, Barbara Cole (a Dower slave inherited by Martha Custis Peter). Hannah’s descendants maintain her father was a Peter family member and became the Peter’s daughter, Britannia Kennon’s, servant. Hannah Cole Pope lived with her mother at the Kennon home at the Navy Yard, when Britannia married Commodore Kennon in 1842. After Kennon’s death in February 1844, 16 year old Hannah was listed in the estate inventory as “Negro girl Hannah, $350.00.” In the spring of 1844 she returned to Tudor Place with Britannia. In 1845, Hannah Cole Pope was sold by Britannia to Colonel John Carter, thus, allowing her to live with Alfred Pope, Carter’s slave, who planned to marry her.

(Source: Tudor Place)