59. 1628 32nd Street

1628 32nd Street, NW
Photo by Bob Rives

Moses Zachariah Booth

Moses Zachariah Booth arrived in Georgetown in 1865 from Port Tobacco, Maryland. He rented the small brick house known as the “Community House” at 2906 O Street. Half a century earlier the home belonged to Abigail Sides, a former slave of John Barnes. She purchased the house in June 15, 1847 from Jane English. Abigail died in 1851 and her sister Elsey inherited the property. Upon Elsey’s death, in 1854, Morris Adler, a man of German descent, purchased it and rented to the Booth Family. Members of the Booth family, Zachariah, his wife, mother-in- law, and four children, continued to live there until the turn of the century when they purchased 1628 32nd Street where they lived until Zachariah’s death in 1935. Booth was employed at local police precinct No. 7. He helped plan the movement that would lead eventually to the establishment of Epiphany Church, a Catholic church for African Americans in Georgetown.